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Our Yoga escapes in Egypt are authentic and immersive experiences combined with yoga practices, to enhance mindfulness and presence, making your practice and journey more profound and transformative.

Whether it’s a retreat in the heart of the Egyptian desert or oases, aboard a sailboat on the Nile, or at the foot of the pyramids, we always seeks out extraordinary locations and experiences, away from the tourist paths, to ensure a transformative and unique experience for your retreat.

Our yoga escapes are made :

• for individuals : you can join a group in one of our scheduled yoga escape
• for professionals : you are a teacher or a professional in the industry and want to book one of our escape to host your students.
• for private group : we create your own personalised yoga retreat according to your needs.

Our yoga escapes are open to all levels, including beginners, and are mixed (men/women).

Perfect combination of yoga, exploring, learning about history, culture and what is outwards, but also going inwards, and learning about one self [House of Kheops]

Alberte from Denmark [House of Kheops]One of the best experience I've had !

Yoga Escapes 

Yoga Escapes 

Yoga Escapes 

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