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All you need to know about Dunya

Escape your world

Dunya means the World in Arabic. “Escape your world”, 3 meaningful words for us. When traveling with Dunya, you live new experiences, meet new people, expand your horizons, embrace the unknown. Allow yourself the freedom to dream, to wander, and to discover the extraordinary beauty that lies beyond the confines of your everyday life.

A tailor-made travel

Each of Dunya Escape is meticulously designed to best reflect your individual preferences and aspirations. We carefully listen to our travelers and adapt as much as possible.

An immersive experience

Traveling with Dunya means immersing yourself into new cultures and traditions, guided by our experienced teams to authentic, off the beaten paths places for an immersive journey.

Living your passion

Each escape is defined by a theme shared by the travelers, fostering strong connections among them, or crafted based on your individual desires, dreams, or passions.

Encounters and memories

Returning from a Dunya Escape means discovering richness through connections with fellow travelers, locals, and contributors. Images, smiles, scents, music, flavors, and shared moments forever etched in memory.

escape your world 

escape your world 

escape your world 


If Laura created ‘Dunya’, which means ‘life on earth’, ‘the world’ in Arabic, it is to convey her attachment and strong relation to travel, people, and Arab civilization.

Alongside her career in the hospitality industry, she always had a thing with crafting unique experience for her loved ones, and then others…making them travel in her own way: by immersing completely in the country’s culture, starting with her beloved country: Egypt.

In 2023, she brought this passion to life by creating “Dunya”, travel escapes in Egypt focused on personalized and off-the-beaten-path experiences.

Laura, Dunya Escapes founder

Dunya seen by you 

Dunya seen by you 

Dunya seen by you 

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