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All you need to know about Dunya

Escape your world

Dunya means the World in Arabic. “Escape your world”, 3 meaningful words for us. When traveling with Dunya, you live new experiences, meet new people, expand your horizons, embrace the unknown. Allow yourself the freedom to dream, to wander, and to discover the extraordinary beauty that lies beyond the confines of your everyday life.

A tailor-made travel

Each of Dunya Escape is meticulously designed to best reflect your individual preferences and aspirations. We carefully listen to our travelers and adapt as much as possible.

An immersive experience

Traveling with Dunya means immersing yourself into new cultures and traditions, guided by our experienced teams to authentic, off the beaten paths places for an immersive journey.

Living your passion

Each escape is defined by a theme shared by the travelers, fostering strong connections among them, or crafted based on your individual desires, dreams, or passions.

Encounters and memories

Returning from a Dunya Escape means discovering richness through connections with fellow travelers, locals, and contributors. Images, smiles, scents, music, flavors, and shared moments forever etched in memory.

escape your world 

escape your world 

escape your world 


If Laura created ‘Dunya’, which means ‘life on earth’, ‘the world’ in Arabic, it is to convey her attachment and strong relation to travel, people, and Arab civilization.

Alongside her career in the hospitality industry, she always had a thing with crafting unique experience for her loved ones, and then others…making them travel in her own way: by immersing completely in the country’s culture, starting with her beloved country: Egypt.

In 2023, she brought this passion to life by creating “Dunya”, authentic and immersive escapes in Egypt, crafted to explore Egypt “differently,” off the beaten path and close to its traditions and culture.

Our dream makers

Sophie Monteiro

Communication & graphism

Sophie runs the social media and handles the brand image.
She possesses a remarkable artistic flair, ensuring that every detail in her work counts. Her goal is to make you dream and feel like you're already traveling through her photos and videos. Whether you're getting a sneak peek before your escape or wanting to keep your memories forever, Sophie's work brings the experience to life.

Alice Girard

Yoga teacher

Alice Girard is a yoga teacher based in Paris.
She will invite you to step into a realm of softness and poetry, where every moment is an opportunity to explore yourself, connect with others, and embrace the world around you.
Her teaching is based on gentleness and kindness, listening to others and oneself, and the pursuit of physical, mental, and emotional well-being.


Hoda Abbas


Arabic calligraphy artist and feminine fusion dance teacher.
Hoda is an Egyptian professional artist who is passionate about empowering women to unleash their creativity and embrace their creativity and feminity. She coaches women using therapeutic art and meditative mindful techniques, such as Arabic calligraphy or dancing. By combining creative expression with breathing exercices, she helps women engage with their emotions and senses.


Fatma Abdallah


Experienced tour manager and Egyptologist from Cairo, Fatma is fluent in Arabic , French and English. She is a fascinating woman and expert on Egypt, boasting over 20 years of experience.
She will be leading your cultural visits, immersing you in the ancient Egyptian civilisation and contemporary life of Egypt.
She is passionate about her work and driven with the desire to share her passion and make you come back to Egypt for more. With Fatma by your side, you'll definitely stand out in Egypt !

Khadiga Loutfy


Khadiga is an Egyptologist from Cairo, with extensive studies in Egyptology. Fluent in French, English, German and Arabic.
With Khadiga, your visits will reach a whole new level. She listens attentively and tailors the tours according to your interests, ensuring a personalized and enriching experience. She will be delighted to share anecdotes and information beyond the usual tours and answer all your questions if you want to delve deeper into learning.

Tareq Bebars


Tareq is an Egyptologist based in Cairo, born in France. With extensive studies in Egyptology and litterature, Tarek is a true expert on archeology and Egypt history. He is highly proficient in French and also offering tours in English. Tareq is an exceptionally organized and engaging guide. Each of his tours is meticulously prepared and customized to your interests, ensuring you leave enriched and eager to learn even more.

Dunya seen by you 

Dunya seen by you 

Dunya seen by you 

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