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in Egypt

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Why Dunya ?

What makes us different

A tailor-made travel

Each of Dunya Escape is meticulously designed to best reflect your individual preferences and aspirations. We carefully listen to our travelers and adapt as much as possible.

An immersive experience

Traveling with Dunya means immersing yourself into new cultures and traditions, guided by our experienced teams to authentic, off the beaten paths places for an immersive journey.

Living your dreams

Each Dunya escape is defined by a theme shared by the travelers, fostering strong connections among them, or crafted based on your individual desires, dreams, or passions.

Encounters and memories

Returning from a Dunya Escape means discovering richness through connections with fellow travelers, locals, and contributors. Images, smiles, scents, music, flavors, and shared moments forever etched in memory.

It was an amazing trip! completely life changing ! Thank you SO MUCH for making dreams come true and this trip happen. Thank you for sharing "your" Egypt with us.

GabrielaLife changing trip

It was one of the most memorable trips that i have had in a while. It feel tailored made for the group.


I love how easy it was ! I didn't have to worry about anything, I just had to show up, and the bus/horse/boat would take me somewhere magical !


The kindness, generosity, and support from Dunya Escapes at every moment brought that extra touch of soul that makes a moment wonderful. A unique emotional and sensory journey, etched forever in my memory.

MiaExtra touch of soul