6-day escape

the House of Al Tarfa

Escape in the Egyptian Sahara
Winter 2024/2025

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Winter 24/25

An escape in the Egyptian Sahara

Embark on an extraordinary journey through Egypt’s western desert, known as the Egyptian Sahara, for an unparalleled adventure off the beaten path and complete disconnection from the modern world.

Begin with a 2 days immersive experience in the otherworldly landscape of the White Desert, where wind-sculpted limestone formations create an enchanting lunar-like terrain.

Then, retreat for 3 nights to the tranquil oasis of Dakhla , where history meets nature at the Al Tarfa Eco Lodge. Discover the timeless allure of Dakhla’s palm groves and ancient villages, and indulge in the serenity of this hidden gem.





yoga & meditation






the program 

the program 

the program 

What to expect

The House of Al Tarfa is an immersive experience in the Egyptian Sahara, starting with a complete immersion inside the white desert, followed by a relaxing retreat in the eco lodge of Al Targa located in the oasis of Dakhla.

  • Crossing the White Desert
  • Journey through the Oases
  • Desert camping & stargazing
  • Retreat at Al Tarfa Eco Lodge

Day to day

Day 1 -
  • Early departure by minibus from Cairo (7am)
  • Drive to Bahariya Oasis (4 hours drive)
  • Lunch at Bahariya Oasis and start of the Safari trip
  • Visiting Black desert, cold spring and crystal mountains
  • Arrival at El Mattar area and camp set up
  • Dinner and night at old White desert
Day 2 -
  • Breakfast at the camp
  • Visiting Aqabat Mountain and Caraween Sand dunes (sand boarding)
  • Lunch at Magic Spring
  • Arriving at Aqabat and camp set up
  • Sunset, dinner and night at New white desert
Day 3 -
  • Breakfast at the camp
  • Visiting the popular white rocks of the white desert
  • Drive to Farafra oasis
  • Change of car and drive by minibus to Dakhla oasis (3,5 hours)
  • Settling in the Eco Lodge of Al Tarfa
  • Dinner, evening & night at Al Tarfa
Day 4 -
  • Breakfast at the lodge
  • Yoga practices
  • Free time
  • Cultural activities
  • Evening and dinner at the lodge
Day 5 -
  • Breakfast at the lodge
  • Yoga practices
  • Free time
  • Cultural activities
  • Evening and dinner at the lodge
Day 6 -
  • Breakfast at the lodge
  • Departure to Cairo by minibus (7 hours drive)

The Camp

Camping in the White Desert is a unique way to experience the stunning beauty of this natural marvel. As you set up camp for the night, you’ll be surrounded by the surreal landscape of crystal-white rocks and sand formations. With no light pollution from nearby cities, you’ll gaze up at a sky full of stars that seem to go on forever.

A team of experienced people from the oases will ensure your security, your confort and will take care of the camp.

You will be transported in Toyota 4X4, and sleeping in individual tents.

About the camp
  • Individual tents equipped with sleeping bags, duvet and blankets
  • All camping equipments
  • Toyota 4 X 4
  • A large tent for the meals or that serve as a resting area.
  • Traditional and local meals  (breakfast, lunch & dinner) prepared by the people from the oases.
  • Bonfire night

The eco lodge ofAl Tarfa

Besides offering quality lodging services, Al Tarfa was to set a model for sustainable tourism development in the Egyptian oases. By building the lodge, one of the main objectives was achieved:  to revive the oasis’ classical building style and establish a base for further archaeological and geographical research. Each environment consists of three main elements: the People and their activities, forming the social and economic structure; the culture represented by architecture and antiquity, and the ecology that embraces all of that. Al Tarfa contributes to all three.

Aiming to revive the oasis’ building methods, the architecture of Al Tarfa was largely inspired from the surrounding villages.
Built with local natural materials and using primitive techniques the twenty individually designed, furnished and decorated suites and rooms are unique. Each room is complemented with artistic and comfortable Saharan architecture, with modern-classic furniture with a luxury flavor.
In this fashion, each room has its own character, with original ceilings, lamps and carpets custom-made for Al Tarfa.

About the lodge
  • 20 individually designed, furnished and decorated suites and rooms
  • 1 yoga shala made of mud bricks and palm trees
  • Outdoor pool and terraces with panoramic view over the immense greenery, the distinctive rugged mountains and infinite deserts
  • One main restaurant (Qasr Al Mansura)
  • An outdoor fire place
  • Gardens
  • Meals prepared by Al Tarfa’s local chefs using only fresh vegetables, organically produced from the lodge’s farm

ready to join us ? 

ready to join us ? 

ready to join us ? 


Good to know
  • Language : English / French / Arabic
  • A mixed (women/men) stay accessible to all
  • Accomodation : Camp in the desert & Eco lodge
  • Capacity : from 4 to 10 people
  • Airport transfers (Arrival and departure)
  • All other transfers during the stay
  • 2 nights camp in the white desert
  • 3 nights in the eco lodge of Al Tarfa
  • All meals throughout the stay
  • Water and hot drinks
  • Entrance tickets to cultural sites
  • All yoga practices and others activities
  • Egyptologist guide speaking EN/FR/AR
  • Dunya Escape representative
Not included
  • International flights
  • Individual travel insurance
  • Egyptian entry visa
    [Dunya assists and guides you on these last points]
  • Internet card (between €10 and €30)
  • Paid drinks (alcohol and soda)
  • Local Tips

An escape in the Egyptian Sahara

(to be announced soon) € 

If this escape inspires you to explore more of Egypt, Dunya can assist you in organizing an extension before or after your experience in the Egyptian Sahara. Egypt offers a multitude of beautiful places to discover, such as Cairo & the Pyramids, the Red Sea, Nile cruises, Luxor, Aswan, Fayoum, and many more. For more information, contact the Dunya team at the following address: info@dunya-escapes.com.