Yoga Escape

House of Ra X Alice Girard

A 8 days yoga cruise on the Nile
from November 16th to November 23rd

2300 €

A yoga cruise
on the Nile

with the international Yoga teacherAlice Girard

Embark on the iconic Nile Sailing boat, the Dahabiya, for an authentic and off-the-beaten path cruise. This timeless journey will take you from Luxor to Aswan, unveiling the most magnificent temples of ancient Egypt. You will also visit pharaonic sites and villages that are accessible only by your sailboat, far from the typical tourist paths, and meet the local population living along the banks of the Nile.

All of this unfolds to the rhythm of yoga practices on the deck of your Dahabiya,  surrounded by the changing landscapes of the river and its verdant shores.

As the Nile reveals its secrets, the sun god “Ra” guides your days, illuminating your inner journey and discoveries in this ancient land, known as “a gift of the Nile.











the program 

the program 

the program 

Typical day

The House of Ra [Yoga escape] is an authentic and immersive experience, a fusion of a cultural journey and a yoga retreat designed to explore Egypt “differently,” off the beaten path and close to its traditions and culture. It’s also an opportunity to center oneself, live fully in the present moment, and discover a space for rejuvenation and reconnection.

  • 30 minutes of morning yoga routine
  • A yoga workshop or flow (between 1 and 3 hours)
  • Cultural visits (between 1 and 3 hours)
  • Stroll, swim & free time on the boat

Five days with yoga sessions. No practice on arrival and departure days, as well as on the first day in Luxor, which will be dedicated to sightseeing

Day to day

Day 1 - Saturday, arrival in Luxor
  • Arrival in Luxor
  • Transfer to the boat and installation
  • Dinner and overnight stay on the boat docked in Luxor
Day 2 - Sunday, sightseeing day in Luxor
  • Opening circle
  • Typical breakfast and crew presentation
  • Full day of sightseeing in Luxor (Valley of the Kings & Karnak Temple)
  • Dinner and night on the boat
  • The boat stays docked in Luxor. Navigation begins on Monday.
Day 3 - Monday, start of the cruise from Luxor
  • Hot air balloon at sunrise (optional)
  • Breakfast on the boat docked in Luxor
  • Departure from Luxor, start of the navigation
  • Navigation day from Luxor to Edfu (110 km, 7 hours of navigation)
  • Watch the passage through the Esna lock
  • Yoga Workshop in the afternoon
  • Dinner and night docked near Edfu
Day 4 - Tuesday, Edfu: temple of Horus
  • Morning yoga routine
  • Arrival at Edfu by boat
  • Carriage ride through the city of Edfu with horses
  • Visit to the Temple of Edfu dedicated to the god Horus, the falcon god
  • Navigation from Edfu to Ramadi (20km)
  • Walk in the village of Ramadi around the marsh and through the fields, meeting farmers working in their alfalfa, sugar cane, and date palm plantations
  • Candlelight yoga flow
Day 5 - Wednesday, quarries of Silsileh
  • Morning yoga routine
  • Workshop yoga
  • Hike in the quarries of Gebel Silsileh, the most important sandstone quarries of ancient Egypt
  • Stroll in a palm grove
  • Sailing and swimming in the Nile
  • Traditional evening on the boat
Day 6 - Thursday, Aswan & Temple of ISIS, goddess of love
  • Morning yoga routine
  • Yoga Workshop
  • Visit of Aswan, its islands and colorful villages
  • Temple of Philae or Temple of the goddess of love, ISIS
  • Dinner and night on the boat
Day 7 - Friday, Kom Ombo : Sobek temple
  • Morning yoga routine
  • Early visit of Sobek Temple in Kom Ombo
  • Sailing day back to Esna (120km)
  • Yoga workshop
  • Closing circle
  • Last dinner and night on the boat
Day 8 - Saturday, end of cruise in Luxor, departure
  • Last breakfast on the boat (according to departure time)
  • Departure from the boat
  • Transfer by bus (1h, 60 km) from Esna to Luxor
  • End of the House of Ra or extension in Cairo (House of Kheops escape)


Dahabiya comes from ‘Dhahab’ in Arabic, which means ‘Gold.’ It is the iconic wooden boat of the Nile with its white sails. These boats were particularly popular in the 19th century and were considered intimate alternatives to the large steamships that plied the Nile at that time. They were often used by the elite and wealthy travelers seeking a more tranquil and personalized experience. The reference to ‘gold’ in the name might reflect the color or decoration of some of them during a given period.

A Dahabiya cruise on the Nile is an invitation to experience the river in an authentic, peaceful, and intimate way while discovering the historical and cultural richness of Egypt.

About the Dahabiya
  • Small group travel (10 to 20 participants)
  • Intimacy and peaceful atmosphere
  • Eco-friendliness
  • Authenticity
  • Access to less crowded sites
  • Interaction with locals

Your Dahabiya is a boat with two large wooden sails and a flat bottom, featuring a double deck. The upper deck is a true floating terrace designed for relaxation, yoga, and contemplation amidst the rural life along the Nile banks.

Equiped with solar panels and a generator, electricity is available most of the time.

More details
  • A team ensures service and security on board
  • Double cabins with private shower and toilet, dressing room, and a window overlooking the Nile
  • Towels and toiletries provided, daily room service
  • Indoor lounges
  • Sun deck with sunbeds, and a hammock
  • Lounge, dining area, and bar space
  • Kitchen with a private chef

During our journey, our boat’s chef will prepare the typical specialties of the country. All products are seasonal and bought daily from local markets or caught by Nile fishermen. Everything is prepared under good hygiene conditions, with water filtered through a purification system. Three meals a day are served on board throughout your stay. Please notify us in case of allergies or specific dietary requirements.

More details
  • Typical specialties
  • Local seasonal produce
  • 3 meals a day
  • Snacks between meals and for the visits
  • Unlimited drinks: Tea, coffee, herbal teas, bottled water
  • Drinks for purchase: Fruit juices, beers, wine (priced from €2 to €5, to be paid on-site).
Your yoga teacher

Alice Girard

The gentleness and poetry of Alice Girard’s flows will guide your cruise on the Nile.

Alice is a yoga teacher based in Paris.

Dunya and Alice embark on this adventure to craft what Alice describes as “a multi-sensory odyssey that intertwines movement, mindfulness, and the exploration of the world”.

She will invite you to step into a realm of softness and poetry, where every moment is an opportunity to explore yourself, connect with others, and embrace the world around you.

Her own method “The Softness of Flexibility” is based on gentleness and kindness, listening to others and oneself, and the pursuit of physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Alice Girard
Your facilitator

Laura, founder of Dunya

It is with joy and emotion that Laura will accompany you on this cruise, an adventure that will always hold a special place in her heart.

Sharing her love for Egypt, making you live authentic and unforgettable experiences, taking care of every little detail during your cruise is her most important desire.

She will be your main point of reference.

ready to join us ? 

ready to join us ? 

ready to join us ? 


Good to know
  • Language : English / French / Arabic
  • A mixed stay accessible to all
  • Living space : Traditional sailing boat (Dahabiya)
  • Practice location : The upper deck of the boat.
  • Stay in a twin/double shared cabin on the Dahabiya.
  • 3 meals per day + Hot drinks and water.
  • Airport transfers and welcome (arrival and departure)
  • All other transfers during the stay.
  • Cultural visits with an Egyptologist.
  • Entrance ticket to cultural sites.
  • Private hot air balloon ride
  • Yoga instructor and Dunya Escapes coordinator.
  • Welcome gifts.
Not included
  • International flights
  • Individual travel insurance
  • Entry visa to Egypt
    [Dunya assists and guides you on these points]
  • Single cabin supplement on the boat (€750)
  • Internet card (€15). No wifi on board
  • Paid beverages (alcohol and soda)
  • Tips:  approximately €50 per person for the week
  • Yoga mats : personal Yoga mat to be taken with you (accepted as carry-on luggage)

A yoga cruise
on the Nile

2300 €

If this escape inspires you to explore more of Egypt, Dunya can assist you in organizing an extension before or after your cruise. Egypt offers a multitude of beautiful places to discover, such as the Red Sea, Cairo and the pyramids, Fayoum, Siwa Oasis, white desert and many more. For more information, contact the Dunya team at the following address: