Artistic Escape

House of Kheops

Meet with Cairo’s soul and traditions
5 days, 4 nights
From Sept to June
From1300 €pp
House of Kheops

An Artistic Escape in Cairo

Cairo is a vibrant artistic destination known for its historic architecture, bustling artisan markets, and rich cultural heritage. The city is a hub for Egyptian cinema and music, offering everything from traditional Arabic tunes to modern genres. Famous for its dance traditions, especially belly dancing, Cairo also boasts numerous art galleries, theaters, and cultural centers, making it a thriving center for the arts.

You will stay in the “House of Kheops,” a family house that is a masterpiece of art, located in the Giza area in Cairo, at the bottom of Egypt’s largest pyramid and the first wonder of the world.

Expect a true immersion into the heart and history of the pyramids, and an intimate encounter with Cairo’s soul and traditions.





local activities






the program 

the program 

the program 


The House of Kheops as an artistic escape is a fusion of a cultural & artistic exploration, history and traditions allowing you to get deeper to Cairo’s soul, away from the usual paths. It’s also an opportunity to immerse yourself in the country’s traditions, participating in several local activities that will enrich your understanding of Egyptian culture.

  • Visit of artistic museums with Egyptologist
  • Dancing and Arabic calligraphy workshops
  • Architectural tour of historic Cairo
  • Assist to Sufi dance performance and Zar show (ancient ceremonies and rituals)

Day to day

Day 1 - wednesday, Egyptian museum and Zar experience
  • Egyptian museum in Tahrir square
  • Museum of Islamic art
  • Stroll and lunch in Cairo downtown
  • Assist to a Zar show (ancient ceremonies and rituals)
Day 2 - Thursday, Giza pyramids and Saqqara
  • Egyptian breakfast at the house
  • Guided tour of the Giza pyramids and the Sphinx
  • Exclusive visit of the inside of the Great pyramid
  • Visit the Saqqara necropolis with your Egyptologist
  • Meet an Egyptian farming family who will take you on horseback to explore their village and way of life. You’ll then be invited to their home to share a traditional meal made with fresh produce from their land and garden.
Day 3 - Friday, Artistic day retreat in the House
  • Egyptian breakfast at the house
  • Dancing class (Egyptian, whirling..)
  • Introduction to Arabic language and calligraphy
  • Meditation by sound & vibration
Day 4 - Saturday, Islamic Cairo and sufi performance
  • Egyptian breakfast at the house
  • Museum Gayer Andersen and Ibn Tulun mosque
  • Sultan Hassan mosque and madrasa
  • Guided visit in the souk of Khan Il Khalili,
  • Street of the Tentmakers (Sharia Khayamiya)
  • Local lunch at the souk
  • Sufi dance performance (traditional Tanoura)

The House

A place, a history, a family, an energy, a masterpiece of art… You will stay at the House of Kheops, a spiritual oasis located at the bottom of Egypt’s largest pyramid and the first wonder of the world.

The House of Kheops is a family home situated in the popular neighborhood of Nazlet El Samman, on the outskirts of Cairo.

Due to its unique and almost surreal location in front of the Kheops pyramid, it’s a place brimming with energy, a true haven of peace and art amidst streets often bustling with merchants and horse-drawn carts.

About the House of Kheops
  • An observatory built in alignment with the Great Pyramid of Kheops: The property has an East-West orientation, providing an optimal position to contemplate the trajectories of the sun and the moon, creating a gateway to the stars that embody principles of peace, love, and unity.
  • 4 double rooms with private bathroom and toilet : Each room and bedroom is designed and decorated with authentic Egyptian items and collectible furniture pieces acquired during many journeys of the family along the Nile.
  • An outdoor garden with a natural water pool.
  • A large, shared, and fully equipped kitchen.
  • Traditional and local meals prepared by the welcoming family.
Message from the family

Love, peace, creativity, culture, and community.

We are a family and wish that whoever comes to the House leaves feeling as if they are also part of that family, home and community. We welcome all people from different walks of life and wish to share the magical experience that comes not only with the location but history of a culture that has played an important part in all our lives.

The house once was a place filled with nature and all kinds of beings and centuries later it still is. Down to the cat that passes through the garden, to the weasel who comes to visit, we are always surrounded by nature and will forever continue to grow and nurture the world in which we live.

We ask that people who come to the house come with no expectation of perfection as it does not exist, but instead come with an open mind.

Welcome to your home!

Shereen, Elina and Saleh

Artistic team

Hoda Abbas

Egyptian Artist
Arabic calligraphy artist and feminine fusion dance teacher

Workshops : Meditation by calligraphy art & feminine fusion dance

She will guide you on an artistic journey, using integrated therapeutic art techniques to explore core values through meditation and breathing practices. She will also teach you simple basic steps of sensual flow to feel your feminine power and get fully connected to your inner self.

Cultural team

Fatma, Khadiga & Tarek

Experienced tour managers and Egyptologists from Cairo, our  experts are  fluent in Arabic , French and English.

They will be leading your cultural visits, immersing you in the ancient Egyptian civilization and contemporary life of Egypt.

They are passionate about their work and driven with the desire to share their passion and make you come back to Egypt for more.

ready to escape ? 

ready to escape ? 

ready to escape ? 


Good to know
  • Language : English / French / Arabic
  • A mixed (women/men) stay accessible to all
  • Living space : The House of Kheops
  • Workshops location : The observatory of the house or in local areas
  • Price per person based on two adults sharing
  • Airport transfers (Arrival and departure)
  • All other transfers during the stay
  • 4 nights at the house in a shared double room
  • All meals throughout the stay (3 meals per day)
  • Water and hot drinks
  • Wifi available in the house
  • Entrance tickets to cultural sites
  • All activities as per program
  • Egyptologist speaking EN/FR/AR
Not included
  • International flights
  • Individual travel insurance
  • Egyptian entry visa
    [Dunya assists and guides you on these last points]
  • Single room supplement (€…)
  • Internet card (€15)
  • Paid drinks (alcohol and soda)
  • Local tips

An artistic escape in Cairo

1300 € pp

If this escape inspires you to explore more of Egypt, Dunya can assist you in organizing an extension before or after your stay in Cairo. Egypt offers a multitude of beautiful places to discover, such as the Red Sea, Nile cruises, Luxor, Aswan, Fayoum, Siwa Oases, white desert and many more. For more information, contact the Dunya team at the following address: