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Immersive escapes

Fisher boat on the Nile
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Our Immersive Escapes

All our escapes are immersive experiences that deeply engages you with the country, allowing you to fully absorb and connect with the local culture, environment, and way of life. It goes way beyond typical sightseeing.

No matter which escape you choose, we ensure that each escape includes guided tours with Egyptology experts, traditional workshops, introductions to local rites and traditions, interactions with the local population, and stays in unique, off-the-beaten-path locations.

You can choose amongst our escapes or get inspired by it to create your own escape. We carefully listen to your preferences and aspirations to create the escape of your dream.

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Benjamin & MarieThe Journey of Ra

Immersive escapes 

Immersive escapes 

Immersive escapes 

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